“Power of Thumbs”

Client: St.George
Role: Integrated Campaign

The power of Thumbs: Mobile Every Day banking from St.George.

The story of how the humble thumb helped make St.George relevant to Millennials.

Silver Midas Award Winner 2015 – use of discipline, B2C.

For digital natives who don’t use branches, banking is about smart and intuitive mobile tools. The big four banks had already launched cardless cash and SMS alerts, with headlines about lost wallets and convenience. St.George offer the same tools but we wanted to talk about them in a fresh way that made the brand feel like a quirky, interesting challenger. Then we realised – what better way to bring to life the empowering value of these tools than to celebrate the mighty power they confer on the humble thumb?

Our Thumbs appeared everywhere Millennials were; out and about, travelling on public transport and in shopping malls, cinema, online and most importantly playing where they play the most, on their mobile phones.

To demonstrate the power of thumbs through St.George’s Everyday Banking tools we started by creating 5 x 30” online videos – each showcasing a product proof point.

We created a complete thumb-sized world with miniature sets and props for our thumb characters to move around in. The thumbs’ unexpected behaviour, tone of voice and quirky Millennial-relatable problems provided an unexpected environment for St.George’s Everyday Banking tools to provide the solution. This combination resulted in engaging content, talking to an audience in a ‘non-bank’ way that was authentically St.George.

This video content was distributed on desktop and in mobile through Facebook, YouTube and Video on Demand. The videos were supported by a integrated campaign that introduced more thumb characters in a multitude of placements and formats promoting the Everyday Banking proof points and encouraging interaction.

Additional online videos:


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